Recap Experience Tour - 23 March 2017

The third and last day of the C2C Congress Venlo was centred on a true Experience Tour: a tour during which attendees were able to experience three projects featuring a successful C2C implementation. The attendees were divided into three groups of about 30 people and set out to gain practical Cradle to Cradle experience.

The Cradle to Cradle-inspired city hall has all sorts of sustainable gadgets and measures, which were closely viewed by the attendees. One of these matters which received a lot of attention was the vertical garden, including many types of flora and fauna. This garden purifies the air of the road and the railroad that run past the building. The attendees were also able to admire the green walls of the interior, which contribute to the humidity, oxygen level and acoustics. 

Innovative aluminium constructions

The bus ride to AGMI was an interactive trip. A video showed how AGMI makes its production processes more sustainable. Then, attendees were able to see with their own eyes how sustainably this traffic & lighting provider operates.

This Venlo-based supplier produces signage, support constructions and other elements which make Dutch traffic safer. The innovation Verkeerskundige Draagconstructies ('Traffic Support Structures') was also showed. Naturally, circular productions were the main focal point. The aluminium VICA gateway was one of the circular productions that came up. VICA stands for Veelzijdige Innovatieve Constructies van Aluminium ('Versatile Innovative Aluminium Structures') and bears the Cradle to Cradle Bronze certificate.

The third and last part of the Experience Tour brought attendees to the C2C ExpoLAB. There, attendees discussed Cradle to Cradle and the identifiable impact on health was one of the discussed topics. “Solidifying soft values is key in the mission to underline what healthy materials can contribute to the working climate”, says managing director Michel Weijers of C2C ExpoLAB. After the short discussion, attendees had the chance to get to know C2C-certified products and sustainable projects.

The end of the line was in the Maaspoort, where a lunch and networking moment formed the official conclusion to three days of sharing knowledge regarding circularity. 

The list of attendees at the Experience Tour can be downloaded here.

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Experience Tour 23 March

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